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Model: doba_19483465
The pet life kitty-tease interactive cat puzzle tunnel is a fun and enjoyable way your cat can help improve their cognitive behavior during play while your cat stays actively engaged.This toy features an inner ball which the cat simply chases from side to side with their paws while plating with cat ..
Model: doba_19483403
The pet life kittyhaus swinger dual-lounging kitty cat hanging hammock lounger is composed of ultra-premium polyester and velveteen fabrics with added polyfil within the pillows for added fluff.The pillow fabric hugs the body nice and gently and is mildew resistant.Features reinforced stitching by e..
Model: doba_44578433
The pet life mini 'squeeze-n-scoop' cat and dog lightweight pooper scooper w/ waste bag holder is great for those on-the-go travelers or those whom want an easier storage option than the larger conventional scoopers widely available.Keep your nose and hands away from those messy waste odors during p..
Model: doba_19483411
The pet life modiche ultra premium modern contoured cat scratcher lounger is composed of ultra-premium and durable recycled cardboard featuring non-toxic glue made of corn starch.Features an double curved modern-like structure.Features multiple lounging areas which makes it easy for scratching or lo..
Model: doba_44578199
The pet life octagon ultra-premium collapsible puzzle cat scratcher house is composed of ultra-premium and durable recycled cardboard featuring non-toxic glue made of corn starch.Features a polygon figure with a cat entrance that doubles as a home for cat napping and can be used as a toy.Features ca..
Model: doba_19483393
The pet life open road single seated car seat cover is composed of durable oxford nylon with elastic sided lycra polyester that wraps to cover any single seated seat on all car makes and models.This car seat protector is great when traveling with pets or children.It will keep the car nice and clean ..
Model: doba_19483443
The pet life paw-pleasant sisal and jute hanging carpet cat scratcher is composed of natural and eco-friendly sisal and jute rope which can be wrapped around to hang on any door knobs or just about anywhere.The paw-pleasant carpet cat scratcher is even large enough to be used as a cat scratching mat..
Model: doba_19483457
The pet life huggabear squeaker plush dog toy is composed with eco-friendly natural and recyclable jute and polyfill.The weave designed jute rope is great for oral hygiene.These toys are filled with premium ultra-plush material.Great for chewing or tugging.Features reinforced stitching to help preve..
Model: doba_19483445
The pet life durable mouse pompom tail plush kitty catnip cat toy is super strong.Resembles a mouse with a playful pompon tail.Composed of heavy duty oxford with reinforced stitching for added durability and scratch-resistance.The inside is lined with eco-friendly recyclable polyfill.This toy is als..
Model: doba_19483468
The pet life poopin-scoopin dog and cat litter shovel features and comes with a built-in waste bag holster at the handle area.Great for those that want it all in one simple and easy to use device.The handle features a simple waste bag removal opening.Scooper portion features a curved-like design mak..
Model: doba_19483398
The pet life porta-gate travel collapsible and adjustable folding dog and cat gate is the perfect solution for those whom want an easy-to-install and expandable pet gate solution that'll work for various door opening lengths and for those who prefer the non-bulkier and heavier gates commonly availab..
Model: doba_19483419
The pet life retract-a-wag shock absorbing dog leash is specially crafted and engineered with a shock-stitching technique that has a nice and controllable yet-stretchy feel when walking your dog.This leash is composed of a durable nylon and polyester blended fabric which is both firm yet stretchy an..
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