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Model: IDXETS1772644
Use your existing serial or modem cables with the help of Cables To Go's Serial Adapters. Whether you need to convert existing DB9 ports to DB25 or vice versa, this is an inexpensive alternative to buying new cables. With their molded design providing a solid connection, each adapter is shielded aga..
Model: IDXETS1612664
Digital Visual Interface (DVIâ„¢) is the standard interface for high-performance connection between PCs and flat panel displays, CRT displays, projectors, and HDTV. This analog video adapter is fully compliant with the DVI standard defined by DDWG (Digital Display Working Group). The DVI-A analog co..
Model: IDXETS3318580
Use this adapter to provide a pure digital, high-definition video connection! You'll see the purity of the original signal with absolutely no picture degradation! Fully tested and absolutely guaranteed. Gold-plated contacts deliver worry-free performance, and make this adapter an ideal choice to con..
Model: IDXETS1814283
Converts a HD15-pin male to a HD15-pin female for video applications!We have an inexpensive solution to your gender compatibility problems. This DB-style gender changer from Cables To Go will quickly and easily convert the gender of any parallel, serial, game/midi or video port. In addition, it can ..
Model: IDXETS1773690
Low profile to save space! Quickly change the gender, or join two cables together. Save the cost and hassle of buying a new cable by just changing the gender of your port and using the cable you already have. Each changer is molded and fully shielded, preventing any unwanted EMI/RFI interference cau..
Model: IDXETS2018732
Create a reliable link of network cables with the network adapterRJ-45 adapter is fast & durable adding convenience in life..
Model: IDXETS1997886
Use this feed-through in wall plates and patch panels for voice/data applications. Our keystone snap-in modules provide a full range of solutions for voice, home networking, home office, audio/video and more. With the wide selection of snap-in modules, you can custom-configure your keystone wall pl..
Model: IDXETS1612575
The data transfer adapter gives error-free transmission with high-speedVersatile and durable (PS/2)/USB adapter..
Model: IDXETS2033895
C2G Velocity 90° Rotating HDMI Female to HDMI Male Port Saver Adapter - 1 x Male - 1 x Female - Blue..
Model: IDXETS2133562
It can often be difficult to predict where components will need to be placed in the future or calculate the needed cable length for an installation. Miscalculations often aren't noticed until the cable is already installed. When your installation leaves you short, save time and money and avoid the a..
Model: IDXETS1200888
The USB Numeric Keypad Hub product is the latest in line of ergonomic peripherals that are designed to enhance your productivity and comfort. The USB Numeric Keypad Hub allows you to do all your calculations from the keypad; there is no longer the need to tediously use your mouse to select these fun..
Model: IDXETS3140520
Designed to add an additional DVI or VGA display to your USB-enabled computer Supports resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 @ 32-bit color Comes with a DVI to VGA adapter to allow for VGA display connection Multiple display modes including primary, extended, and mirrored Hot-pluggable and powered from ..
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